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2 In 1 AK-I (cut) + AK-II (loop) Tufting Gun

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2 In 1 Cut and Loop Tufting Gun

This is a 2 in 1 hand tufting gun that makes both cut piles and loop piles.
怐Good Performance怑The cut pile tufting gun has the characteristics of high-speed weaving, flexible movement, etc. It is simple to operate, easy to master, long life, less faulty, and convenient to adjust.
怐High Efficiency怑The motor no-load speed can reach up to 12000RPM for high-speed tufting. The speed of our rug tufting gun can reach 5 to 45 stitches per second and its production efficiency is 80-
100 times that of manual production.
怐Safety Protection怑The rug gun machine has over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection functions to avoid accidents during use. Suitable for mobile table work, which can knit a variety of
fancy patterns.
怐Easy to Operate怑 Easy to operate and master. The speed range and pile height of the carpet gun can be adjusted at will, and the height of the carpet can be adjusted from 7 to 19mm. You can use the
carpet tufting gun to knit a variety of fancy.
怐Lightweight and Portable怑Weight is only 1.4 kgs which means it's super light and easy to work with!



Voltage: AC 100V-240V

Carpet height: 7-20MM

Charging method: plug-in use

Package include:

2x Tufting gun(Cut+Loop)

2x Threader

2x set of super sharp thread snip with spring coil extender (Hang around your frame and never lose your thread snip again!)

2x Adapter

Safety & Quality

Oļ»æur tufting guns are 100% safety and quality certified.

6 month guarantee

ļ»æWe offer a 6 month guarantee on our tufting guns.